Irish App Innovators

We dream, create and develop our own mobile applications including our Eco Wedding Solution ‘Be Our Guest’, a wide range of trivia apps and our exclusive fiction offerings including ‘Originals’.

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About Us

Glitterbug are based entirely in Ireland. We are a two person team – Colin Vaughan & Laura Cavanagh and we work from our home office in Donegal. 

We are both software developers, artists, writers and creatives. We love to come up with new ideas and see our creations through to the final, published product. 

We are eco-innovators. All of our products are aimed at reducing paper waste by providing a viable, intuitive to paper.



Our Favourite Apps

Be Our Guest

‘Be Our Guest’ is a mobile platform for eco-friendly, paperless weddings.

With over 40 features for couples and their guests, it is the ultimate must-have for your wedding. 


Originals Chat Stories

Ever wanted to read good quality fiction on your phone without eye strain or losing your place?

Then Originals is for you!

Originals serves up addictive, high quality, curated and edited fiction as chat messages. 




Inish Lamb

Interactive fiction Adventure app on iOS and Android

Follow the escapades of adventurer Jimmy Cook as he travels to Ireland, at the mysterious bequest of his cousin Fionn, and embarks on an incredible journey to find treasure, solve mysteries and (hopefully) survive the dangers of Irish Lamb

Choose what our hero does at the end of each chapter in this thrilling interactive fiction.