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We have published almost 40 apps for Android and iOS. Check out our growing range of games, utilities and fiction apps or ask us about custom App or Web development.

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About Us

Firstly, Glitterbug are a small but thriving Irish App and Web development company. Indeed, we have been around since early 2016.  Specifically, in that time we have worked on enterprise projects, apps and websites for ourselves and our clients.

In addition, Our close knit, talented team are based on the ground in Dublin, Ireland.

In particular, two of the co-founders of Glitterbug are software developers.  Consequently, we have tons of technical experience and know how. Last but not least, we strive to be approachable and to listen to your needs. So if you want to develop an app, we can guide you through the process.



Some of our Top Apps

Snoop Chat Stories

Ever wanted to read fiction on your phone without eye strain or losing your place?

Then Snoop Chat Stories is for you!

Snoop serves up addictive fiction as chat messages and we automatically book mark your latest message so you can easily get back to your place in the story.

We have over 100 fiction titles in our Snoop library with many free options.




Inish Lamb

Interactive fiction Adventure app on iOS and Android

Follow the escapades of adventurer Jimmy Cook as he travels to Ireland, at the mysterious bequest of his cousin Fionn, and embarks on an incredible journey to find treasure, solve mysteries and (hopefully) survive the dangers of Irish Lamb

Choose what our hero does at the end of each chapter in this thrilling interactive fiction read

Apps Published


Cups of Tea

Latest from the Blog

Our musings, thoughts and adventures as a small start up company in Dublin.

Read about our fiction writing, development and marketing milestones and anything

else that comes to mind.

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