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Irish App Design & Development
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The Buncrana App

Business Listings and Tourist Advice for Buncrana, Co Donegal
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Bubblegum Fiction

Read our 'Story of the Day' and download our app for mobile-friendly, chat style fiction stories.
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What We Do

App Design

We will talk through what you want your app to do and create a design for each screen to make your app beautiful, intuitive and UX Friendly.

App Development

We design the look & feel of your app and once you’re happy, we start development. Every two weeks you get a new version of a working app!


App Publishing

We can publish your app on Apple and Google stores under our developer account. We can also host any server side code. 

Do I need an app?

Watch this video to see if an app suits your business needs.

How can getting an app developed help your business?

Should you opt for an android app, an iOS App or both? Should you choose a native, hybrid or web app for your business? Find out in this short video. 

Glitterbug App Development can help turn your dreams into reality!

How much will an app cost?

Would you like to know roughly how much your app development will cost? Head over to our online quote generator and get a realistic estimate of your app based on a few simple questions about your project and the complexity of your app.

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Irish & Female led

Glitterbug is a female-led, tech led Irish  development company founded by Laura Cavanagh & Colin Vaughan. We’re based in Donegal & Dublin.


As a small, independent business, we know that cost & quality matter. It’s all about finding the balance. Our apps start at 3K Euros and we give you a lot of features for a reasonable cost. 

Milestones Method

With us, you get an update on your app every two weeks including videos and a working copy of your app. 

At the end of each milestone, you can decide if you are ready to go ahead with the next one and you pay us per milestone. 

We’re App Experts

We have developed our own apps since 2016 and we have over 45,000 app downloads in Apple and Google. Users love our Be Our Guest Wedding, Quizland and Bubblegum Fiction apps.

No Technical Jargon

We are friendly people who will talk to you about apps without getting too technical! 

We will show you what we’re going to do and give you working demos instead of bogging you down in technical details.

What our customers say

This is a very practical app that helps you with organizing a wedding. It’s not just a checklist, but a real tool that actually integrates the community. 

Gabriel Turner

Be Our Guest Customer

Great fiction app. Lots of awesome chat stories. The scary stories and the fantasy stories are great. Good range of different stories and the app has a really good user interface

Jennifer Derulo

Bubblegum Fiction Customer

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