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Tour Apps

Walking Tour App

Enhance Tours with AR

We custom design Augmented Reality 3D Models and link them to points on your tour to give your customers a delightful, unique experience. 

Bring ancient ruins back to life, show  your audience what an area was like in the past and bring history alive. 


Digital Walking Tours

Provide potential audience members with a sample of your tour which they can access in advance.

Alternatively offer a complete digital version of your tour for customers who are not able to make the live tour.  You can sell this feature as part of a premium app or as an in-app purchase. 


Go Donegal App

Add Quizzes & Games

Make things extra fun for your audience with quizzes, scavenger hunts and mini games. 

Provide a high score board and a prize for the winner to make the experience even better. 


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Booking Details

List your available tour dates and allow customers to find an available spot and book a tour easily through your app. 

Make life easier for your customers by letting them view their booking time and location or reschedule their booking if needed. 

AR & Games

Enhance your tour with AR features, quizzes and games. Perfect for adults and children alike!

Digital Tour

Offer a digital version of your walking tour either as an add-on for customers on a multi-day bus tour, a free sample or for customers who cannot attend your tour is in person.


Let customers easily view tours, book their tour, view their booking details and see their start location on a handy map.

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