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App features for your hair salon

20 app features that can benefit your hair salon

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What we’ll cover…

  •  General benefits of apps over websites
  •  Appointment booking on mobile 
  •  Salon Management made easy 
  •  Getting new customers 
  •  Customer Engagement 
  • Feedback and trying out new treatments 

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App for Appointments

1. Appointment Booking via App

Customers often opt for salons where they can easily see what appointments are available, make a booking quickly and efficiently and reschedule their appointment if needed.

Since so many customers are on mobile, an app is a necessity these days as a well designed app makes mobile booking much easier and the easier this process is, the more likely that customers will continue with the booking.

Allowing customers to quickly and easily reschedule on the app greatly reduces the chances of no shows and last minute cancellations.

2.  Instant message chat &  share your location on a map

Help first time customers to find your salon easily while on the go with a map to your location. You can also add helpful contact details like your phone number here.

Instant message chat is also really useful to have if a customer has a quick question before or after an appointment.

3.   Reminder Notifications for customers

Missing an appointment is a pain for everyone! Help customers to remember their appointments by providing them with push notifications on the day of and an hour before.

Likewise, you could get a popup notification on your web console to say that a customer appointment is coming up or that a customer has arrived at your salon.

4. Pre-appointment checkin 

What ever information you need to ask your customer – allow them to easily add it via their app and store this securely for them to prevent them from having to add it again.

Allow customers to check in via their app instead of queuing up at the counter, especially if you are having a busy day.

Appointment Management for you

5. Easily see appointments on your web console 

 Get a linked web console where you can easily see upcoming appointments for the day ahead. See, in real time, as new appointments come through. 

6. Assign your team members, rooms or equipment to appointments 

See, at a glance, which team members, rooms or equipment is free at any given time.

For each appointment see who is assigned to it and if a team member calls in sick, be able to instantly allocate other team members to their appointments. 

7.  See notes or any special requirements associated with appointments 

When customers fill out their pre-appointment information, link any relevant notes, allergens or other needs to their appointment so you can see this at a glance. 

8. Make payments and invoice reports easier 

Allow customers to pay using the app and get an exportable list of payments with date, time and VAT percentage for your accounts.

Getting new customers 

9. Provide a new channel to advertise. 

New customers who are on Google Play or the App Store will be able to find you and learn about your salon and even make a booking at any hour of the day.

By having an app you can attract the increasing number of clients using mobile phones. 

10. Personalised customer journey

A great way to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers is by providing extra features for your customers and a more tailored approach to hair care.

You can ask your customers questions in the app and based on their responses offer them different treatments, hair products, online classes or advice or even build a regular hair care ritual for your customers. 

11. Attract customers with features like Augmented Reality Hair Styles

Unusual, helpful features like galleries of hair styles tailored to your clients needs or even more advanced features like augmented reality functionality where customers can see their face with different hairstyles give customers another reason to download your app. 

12.  Make it easy for last minute bookings 

May customers want to be able to book something last minute.

You could provide an easily accessible list of different treatments available for the next three days so that customers who are flexible to what treatment they want but want it now, can see what exactly you have available. 

13. Host events and allow your users to RSVP via the app 

Live or online events can really pull in new customers and give your existing customers a fun experience and encourage them to book new appointments or buy products. This is a nice way to build relationships with your clients. 

Make it easy to organise these events by promoting them on your app to customers, showing them push notifications or in-app messages about these upcoming events.

Allow customers to easily RSVP for an event to ensure that you have enough of an audience and that you are not over booked.

Better engagement with regular customers

14. Share photos of your salon or treatments, especially new treatments 

Many customers want to see photos and videos of your salon of your treatments.

Use your app as a way to show customers different parts of your salon, advertise exactly what to expect at your salon and to show before/after photos or videos of treatments. 

15. Make customers regulars by offering loyalty points 

A loyalty scheme is a great way to give customers an extra incentive to choose your salon time and time again.

Why not add little extras like double loyalty points for bookings made on certain days or at certain times or ask customer questions about your salon or treatments in exchange for extra loyalty points. 

If you add games to your app you could even introduce an extra thrill for your customers by awarding them with loyalty points if they win a games tournament or achieve a certain high score. 

16. Sharing hair care tips and advice. Host online classes on hair care regimes, tips, etc.


Provide customers with a reason to use your app every day with fresh content.

Add written content, videos, podcasts, blogs, illustrations and photos as well as extras like actionable checklists, interactive features where users can add their input or even allow customers to build their own sub set of relevant hair care tips. 

17.  Create in-app special offers 

Exclusive Special offers give customers a great reason to download your app. You can combine this with games to allow customers to play in tournaments and win special offers. 

You can also provide flash sales to your customers via notifications and in-app messages or offer special offers in exchange for customer feedback. 


18.  Sell products to your customers based on their needs

If you sell products as part of your salon experience, you could list these on your app and perhaps even suggest products to your customers based on their individual needs.

After a treatment you could send out an updated list of suggested products to customers which they can purchase on the app. 

Extra Benefits to help you STAND OUT!

19. Better Understand Customers 

In-app and App Store analytics about how many customers view or download your app and which screens customers spend most of their time on, which treatments or info areas they focus on, can give you valuable information about your customers wants and needs. 

You can also ask customers for feedback with general feedback forms or by sharing specific questions or questionnaires with customers. 

Find out what they most value in your salon as well as treatments or products they they might want. For example, perhaps some of your customers are looking for products not tested on animals, vegan products or eco friendly packaging on products. 

20. Pre-release new treatment options and get customer’s votes 

A great way to test the waters with new product ranges, treatments, packages or equipment you are considering is to ask your dedicated app-based customers.

Ask them to vote (perhaps incentivise this with a special offer, loyalty points or early access to this treatment) or give you feedback on your new idea and see what your customers think! 

Takeaway from this blog

  • An app can help customers quickly and easily see your availability and make or update a booking while on the go. Particularly good for last minute bookings. 

  • An app can be linked with a web admin portal to save you time and make salon management easier 

  • Having an app provides a brand new channel to gain new customers. New customers can find you on Google Play, the App Store, etc. 

  • Extra features like augmented reality hair style views, online events or classes can attract clients and help you stand out from the crowd 

  • An app can provide you with an easy way to reach out to your customers and keep them engaged through events, loyalty programs, discounts, classes and tutorials. 

  • Finally, an app can provide you with detailed customer feedback and insights and allow you to try out new treatments or float new ideas to your customers. 


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