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Hand in Hand

getting married?... Get the standout guest app
Want a chance to win a copy of Hand in Hand worth 200 euro?

Got to the church on time!

‘Amid the last minute panic, we heaped into the car and started wondering exactly where the church was!! This app was a life saver. Thank you!’

Got some classic snaps

‘Took loads of pics on my phone. Was able to share them with the rest of the gang!

One even featured in the album!’

Great Keepsake

‘After all is said and done, it’s absolutely lovely to have a reminder of the big day.’


Big Stress Relief

‘With guests coming from all over the country (and a few from overseas) it was a relief not to get 100 phone calls the morning of the wedding!’

RSVP made easy

‘Not only did I save a fortune on printed materials (and help the planet, yeah!) but this made getting guest responses so much easier!!’

Song List was Sorted

‘Thanks to the suggestions our guests provided through the app, we got a great song list together in no time at all.

That’s my favourite feature!’

Hand in Hand

  • Give yourself and your guests the gift of a stress free wedding.

  • Foster a feeling of togetherness and shared experience.  

  • Everything that your guests need right at their fingertips. 


Glitterbug’s Hand in Hand is a delightful, elegant and functional addition to any wedding.

We focus on ensuring that your guests will be able to attend your wedding without worry, hassle or panic, participate and engage and have an elegant keepsake of the big day.

Reduce your panic and frenzy during an already busy time by providing your guests with the right information in an intuitive, full customised and beautifully designed pocket tool.  

This innovative new app will be launched in June 2019 so if you are planning to get married any time in or after June 2019,
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Why Choose Hand In Hand?

Guests can RSVP through their very own copy of Hand in Hand

Save money and stay green by replacing (or supplementing) traditional ‘Save the Date’ and ‘RSVP’ cards with the Hand in Hand app. Each guest receives a customised email with a link to the app and their own secure, login code.  Change in guest circumstances or dietary needs? No problem – with Hand in Hand your guests can go back and update their RSVP cards, letting you know in good time. 

Easy to customise the App in less than 5 minutes

No more messing around with websites! When you purchase Hand in Hand, you get your own Couples app. Customise your guest experience, choose a theme and add your information – all through your app. Edit each screen and preview it to see how it will be shown to your guests. 

You can change the information, the theme or any customised feature and send an immediate update to your guests. Want to try a different theme, no problem! 


Hand Crafted Themes by artists

Hand in Hand is art for your phone. We carefully and thoughtfully design and create each of our themes with elegance, style and beauty in mind. Want something with a bespoke design? Send us an email to find out more. 

No Wifi? No Worries!

Hand in Hand is a fully native mobile application. This means that each screen loads instantly (no annoying delays!) and the app is available offline (including the map feature!)

Share The Experience

From the start guests can get involved suggesting songs or other wedding features. They will have all the relevant details at their fingertips. During the wedding your guests can share comments, photos and videos. You can control what is broadcast to the group. 

After your wedding the Hand in Hand app becomes and elegant keepsake where you can share your photos, videos and favorite moments. You can make beautiful virtual albums incorporating slide shows, music and animations.

Allow guests to add comments or tag others in photos

Your Privacy is Protected

Your Privacy is important – only your invited guests will see the app and we don’t share your personal information with anyone!


Our exciting mobile application is about to hit the App store & Google Play. So… after OVER 6 MONTHS of hard work, we are celebrating!

As part of our celebration, we are giving all the couples who add their names to our mailing list between now and the end of JUNE a HEART THUMPING discount of up to 75% off our Hand in Hand app!!

PLUS we’ll be drawing 3 names out of a hat and those lucky winners will receive a the Hand in Hand app ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

To find out more about our special offers and put  your name in the draw, please enter your details below. 

Invitations & RSVP

Invitations & RSVP

Provide your guests with a beautiful, well-designed invitation and countdown that also serves a quick and easy way to RSVP.

Manage RSVPs, seeing totals and details. 

Allow guests to modify their responses and  see the updates in real time. 


 A Shared Experience 

Give your wedding guests everything they need to know about your big day, the times and details, how to get to each event, where to stay.

Provide real time updates and allow your guests to securely communicate with you!  


After months of hard work, only a short time to go now until our Hand in Hand app is released. If you’d like to test our app in exchange for a discount, please contact us at the mailing list below