By laura cavanagh


Psychological Thriller Chat Story

Perhaps he should not have committed the crime but life sometimes starts to crumble around you and 

at those particular times you can find yourself falling between the cracks.
What started off as another day has spiralled out of control. That is what he tells himself.
But as prison looms and his frantic thoughts turn to Carter, that annoying, ever curious witness
who happened upon him in the wrong place, at the wrong time, he wonders (as do we) what he will
do and who he will become to protect his perfect life?
Unraveled is a psychological thriller delivered to you as a monologue through texts,
an internal and frenzied conversation between one man and his conscience or at least
his fear of being caught.
Step inside the mind of a true psychopath and hope that you can make it back out again.
You can read Unraveled for free in Chat Message Format on the Snoop Chat Stories app.

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I mean, who really wears a yellow tie with a blue suit?

– jeremy

Still, these things happen, eh?
She was in a dangerous line of business after all

– jeremy

And if I do get caught… well. One might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb.

– jeremy

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