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Software Discovery Phase Design

Software Design

Pre -Development Solution Design

Before you hire your Software Team.... Get an Independent Software Design!

What we offer

Independent Technical Advice

Our Software Design Service offers you fully independent advice on what software you need to build or buy, pricing and time estimates and all the documents you need to communicate with your development team.

Requirements Analysis

We will help your to prioritise your requirements, tease out any hidden requirements and understand the chain of dependency for your solution.

Full Solution Design

We will research your problem and provide you with a list of off the shelf and/or proprietary software solutions and illustrate how these components iwll work together.

Checklist for Success

We will provide you with a checklist for development, a series of milestone steps, and a cost and time guideline for each step. This ensure that you will get every vital step completed by your development team at the right price!

How we're different

We offer a genuine, jargon free approach

We will do the heavy lifting of translating your needs into a technical product roadmap and provide you with everything you need to move forward with your potential development team.
Our promise

Your success is our singular goal

We are here to ensure that you choose the right technology. We receive no commission from 3rd parties, this is an independent service aimed at improving your day to day business.
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How we deliver results

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Requirements Gathering

We gather information before and during your session to understand your business needs.

Linking Solutions

We explain your options and provide you with a list of technologies that work together.


We work with you to solve your problems and offer a range of solutions within the session.

Technical Translation

We fully explain our suggestions and each technological step in our preferred solutions.

Success Driven

Each step we suggest is given with your business goals in mind.

Clear Follow Up Plan

After your session, we will provide you with a clear plan you can use with development teams going forward.

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