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the Snoop chat stories app

Our chat style app delivers fiction content as chat messages – it’s like reading from What’s App or text messages!

Peruse through our extensive library of over 100 titles to find the perfect read.

Search for stories by genre, story length or rating. Find and save your favourite authors or explore our curated playlists of intriguing titles.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Snoop App for FREE today!

Snoop Chat stories – fiction for your phone

The Snoop Chat Stories app lets you read fiction on your phone as text message style snippets. Reading content is as easy as reading a whats app message.

Fresh New Content 


With over 100 exclusive original stories, Snoop offers you a rich library to choose from and with regular new stories and updated serials, you will keep coming back for more!

Slick UI

Just download Snoop and try out our intuitively designed, easy to use, UI.
Here at Glitterbug we don’t just develop an app, we create a work of art,  designing every screen,
every movement and every control with our reader experience in mind.

Read on the Go

We all have those moments. 5 minutes here. 10 minutes there. We are bored. We are stuck.
We are waiting. Well. The wait is over. Never be bored on a bus, at your break, or at the gym again.
Snoop makes reading on the go really simple and relaxing because it should be.

Exclusive Content from hand picked authors


Our global team of hand picked authors will keep you entertained with their selection
of horror, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers and romance. And best of all, they only
release these stories to Snoop. So, you won’t find a Snoop story anywhere else!

Save Your Place

Want to read 100 stories and bookmark your place in each? No problem. You can open,
read and save your last place in every story simultaneously with Snoop chat stories.

Long and Short Stories and Serials


From extremely short 5 minute tales (something for that 11 o’ clock coffee break) to
hour long epic adventures we have it all. We also offer both self contained stories
and serials bringing you back episode after episode.



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