Quiz Land                 Trivia reinvented


Start on Square One

Join  Quiz Croc as she travels through a growing series of islands. Complete all the rounds in an island to go on to the next one.

As the game continues you get to choose your own path!! Heard enough???… Download Quiz Land now

Play Trivia

Time for a Quiz?

Each Island has got a set of levels to complete where every level is a trivia game. Tons of topics and categories and lots of quizzing fun. 

Lose yourself in an intense, adrenaline fueled game where you can hone your trivia wits!



Different Challenges

Some of our levels are fast-paced timed rounds where you have to beat the clock.

Other games are Winning Streak style quizzes where you have no timer but one wrong answer ends the game. 

For our Plus 1 levels you must answer the question BEFORE the current question. Tricky but rewarding.  



Ways to Help you Play

Quiz Land offers you different powers that can make some of the trickier levels a little bit easier. Powers can be used to add more time, skip questions, show wrong answers or give you multiple tries without penalties. 


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Quizland Trivia App

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