Random Sentence

Writer's Toolkit

If you write fiction or enjoy improvisation then this app is for you.

Random sentence is an easy to use arsenal of writer’s idea generation and word finding tools.

Create first sentences and prompts, generate rhyming words or even synonyms.

Random Sentence is easy to use even if you are not ‘tech savvy’. Give it a go today!

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Bubblegum Chat Fiction

Ever wanted to read good quality fiction on your phone without eye strain or losing your place?

Then Bubblegum is for you!

Bubblegum serves up addictive, high quality, curated and edited fiction as chat messages.

History Quiz

Fun and FREE Trivia Quiz App

Can you name the renaissance painters? Who was King Zog and where did he rule? When did Ireland officially become a republic?

Ever wanted to improve your history knowledge and excel at table quizzes?

Then what are you waiting for, download the FREE Glitterbug history quiz today!

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Category Rush

The Fast Paced Categories game

Get your thinking cap on and join us for a some frenzied fun.

Category rush is a new take on the classic game ‘Stop’ which we loved as kids.

You are given a random category and you must quickly come up with answers.

Play against the clock or with a competitor. Try relaxed Zen mode or frantic, heart pumping Chaos mode.

Your choice. Your way to play.

Download this FREE game today!

Best Guess

New Guessing Quiz Sensation

With Best Guess, you are up against your own opinion of yourself!

The aim of this addictive new trivia game is simple:

  1.  Spin the WHEEL to get your three categories
  2. Guess what score you THINK you’re going to get
  3. Play the three round of fast paced trivia
  4. If you beat or match your bet, then you get your bet as your final score
  5. If you don’t beat or match your bet, you get a score of  zero!

Try Best Guess today and see what our players are raving about.

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Motivation Made Easy

We do motivation app a bit differently here at Glitterbug.

Instead of regimented tasks, lists and deadlines that will only add to your stress levels, we off something that can work long term.

Energize provides you with a range of activity ideas depending on how you feel or what you want to most achieve.

And the best part is, it’s casual, come and go as you please with NO PRESSURE, just chill!

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