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Bubblegum Fiction

Bubblegum serves up addictive, high quality, curated and edited fiction as chat messages.


Play different types of trivia across a wide range of topics and difficulty levels in this fun, innovative quiz game.  

Random Sentence

Random sentence is an easy to use arsenal of writer’s idea generation and word finding tools.


Energize provides you with a range of activity ideas depending on how you feel or what you want to most achieve.

Category Rush

The Fast Paced Categories game

Get your thinking cap on and join us for a some frenzied fun.

Category rush is a new take on the classic game ‘Stop’ which we loved as kids.

You are given a random category and you must quickly come up with answers.

Play against the clock or with a competitor. Try relaxed Zen mode or frantic, heart pumping Chaos mode.

Your choice. Your way to play.

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