By laura cavanagh

Laugher is Slaughter

A slow burn survival horror with a brand new twist. Fans of Zombie horror will love this!




Don’t laugh. Don’t cry. Don’t rage.

The Mitons are watching. Nobody knows where they came from or why now, why they have suddenly emerged. There are theories…

Most of humanity is dead. A few survive travelling from place to place in a nomadic search for something or somewhere safe. 

They come from the ground. They hunt us by sensing our emotions. 

Feeling can be deadly in this new reality. 

Or as the last internet meme says… laughter is slaughter. 

Our narrator wakes up in a farm house. With her make shift band of misfits, she struggles through another day on the road to the mysterious ‘city of freedom’ a military base in the West that offers hope and safety.

But what if there is another way to stop the Miton?  


Best Selling Author

Laura Cavanagh

Laura has been writing since she was a child and she is passionate about both fiction and non- fiction. Her work extends to short stories, plays, poetry and novels.

 Her plays have been performed in her home county of Donegal, Ireland and Laura worked as a busker for many years on Grafton street, Dublin where she read her eclectic section of poetry.

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