The Format

Available as an Android or iOS App

Inish Lamb is being released exclusively as an app. The aim of this is to facilitate ‘reading on the go’! 

The content is delivered in ‘chat message’ style format (aimed at mobile device users) with auto-save features that keep your place in the story if you close or pause the app.

As well as text content the app also contains animations and sounds in order to enhance your user experience.

The Story

Inish Lamb - a full-length novel

Inish Lamb was written by Laura Cavanagh and is a character-driven adventure story & thriller. It deals with themes of obsession, loss, friendship, courage and hope.

The story is set in Ireland and details the adventures of four treasure hunters on a remote island off the coast of Donegal and the risks, trust and betrayals the face as ell as the mysteries, ancient and recent, that they solve.

The tale begins when the protagonist, a native of Albany New York, receives a mysterious letter from a long lost cousin in Ireland.


Choose what happens next

This story reads like a traditional fiction but …

at the end of each chapter….
there is a choice to be made!

You choose what your character does next. Some decisions will lead to destruction while others will bring you to one of the eight different positive outcomes of the story!! 


Be Jane or Jim

The reader can choose their character (male or female) and experience a slightly different story depending on this choice.

So you can be Jane or Jim Cook – Your choice!