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The Process
of Making an app

Developing an app is a complex endeavour but it can also be incredibly rewarding and fun.

There are many steps along the way from idea conception to promoting the final product and we are here for you at each key stage and for the moments big and small along the way.


What we do

Here are Glitterbug we offer advice and hands on expertise for every stage in the process from app idea generation, right through development and testing and further into publication, hosting and user analytics.  You decide when and where we are needed and we will step in.

Strategic Brainstorming

With over 15 years of solution architecture experience and a psychology graduate on staff, Glitterbug are in a great position to help you hone and shape your ideas.

We look at the competition, at current trends and at what works to drive revenue and increase downloads and promote active app usage.



We take time to understand your customers.

This means making a clear marketing and promotions plan early.

It means identifying key customer groups.

It means reaching out to communities and influencers at the right stage of the process.

App Design and UX

Customers drive the success of an app and especially customer retention.

What kind of apps do customers download, keep and frequently use?

Apps that are intuitive, easy to understand and navigate and have an elegant, beautiful and simple design.

Lets start inspiring your customers today!

App Development

We develop highly reliable, quality apps and we have a track record for doing so.

With two developers as cofounders Glitterbug are in a minority of companies with a hands on technical leadership from actual developers!

When it comes to code we know what we’re talking about.


Holistic App Testing

Testing and quality assurance are paramount to the success of your app.

We don’t just test the code! We offer a full suite of testing facilities including functional testing, user acceptance testing, stress testing and performance testing and all of this on an extensive range of devices. 



Launching, Hosting & Analytics

We  can publish your app to Google Play, Amazon and itunes.

This includes deploying the app, supplying art work for the stores and providing an ASO optimised store description.

Let’s get your app launched!

Why we are different

We are a small, dedicated team of highly technical individuals.

Our team are based entirely in Ireland, working in Dublin.

All of our cofounders are experienced senior developers and we do the development work locally in Ireland so you can quickly and easily communicate with us.

At Glitterbug we love learning new things, solving problems and helping our customers to achieve their dreams.

We have published over 20 apps to Google Play and iTunes so we know and understand every step in this process.

Platforms we develop on 

Android development

Engage with a growing number of Android users

With the massive expansion of Android-based mobile devices in the market the platform has become a major competitor to Apple’s iOS.
We really enjoy to building Android apps from scratch and playing with purpose.
We work with the most up to date material design standards. This enables us to create user experiences that are elegant and seamlessly flow from one screen to the next.

ioS development

Build a Custom iOS app from the ground up.

We develop smart, intuitive iOS apps with a solid, reliable native code base.
Making apps for iOS is a passion that our team delights in and a craft that we have perfected over time. We create beautiful, sleek and highly usable apps that your customers will love.
This is critical to the success of your iPhone app development idea. Each app is a little work of art.

Now that you’ve seen our apps and designs… let us create something for you!

Let’s Start Something new
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Reach out to us for a quote, some more information on our services or simply just to say hello and give us a little bit of feedback! Don’t be shy, contact us today.