By laura cavanagh

Have you Checked the Children?

Comedy Horror Chat Story

An urban legend. A fiendish killer. An disbelieving babysitter who grows more and more wary of the prank caller. 
But is this just a sick joke or is she on the death list of a killer who cannot be stopped.
Find out more when you read this heart jumping urban legend style horror. 
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Best Selling Author

Laura Cavanagh

Laura has been writing since she was a child and she is passionate about both fiction and non-fiction. Her work extends to short stories, plays, poetry and novels.

Her plays have been performed in her home county of Donegal, Ireland and Laura worked as a busker for many years on Grafton street, Dublin where she read her ecclectic section of poetry.

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I know that you’re trying to scare me.
Trying to use urban legends against me.

– Barbara


LET ME INTO THE HOUSE, BARB, quickly. He’s running towards me.



You should have checked the children Barbara.

– unknown caller

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