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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Are you currently searching for software developers? We can help you!

Kickstart your Development

Are you trying to get a new project off the ground? Do you need highly technical software developers and architects to start writing code and hit the ground running? Do you want to get your product to market faster?

What we Do

Understand Your Needs

Gather your business requirements and understand your needs. Translate requirements into technical goals and milestones. Dig deeper to create a technical roadmap

Software Integration

Examine, deploy and customise 3rd party software. Develop glue code for product integration, connect different applications together.

Develop a Solution

Translate our milestones into a series of detailed steps. Create a solution using either 3rd party applications, custom code or a hybrid.

Documentation & Training

We will fully document the software solution we create for you and provide detailed training in person and via video assets for future users.

Develop Applications

Develop proprietary application code for you in any language. Design and develop mobile or web applications for your clients, team or customers.

Ongoing Support

We give you support during and after software launch. We carry out UAT testing on your users during our rollout to ensure that software matches their needs.

Why Choose Us

Laura Cavanagh

Colin Vaughan

Laura has nineteen years experience in software development and solutions design. She has worked for large companies like Verizon and Mastercard as well as startups and consultancy firms. 

She is a certificated Oracle Java Programmer for Java 7. 

Colin has eight years experience in software development.

He has worked on mobile and web development as well as requirements gathering and software integration.

Colin is a certificated Android Developer. 

Want to find out more?

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