By laura cavanagh

Chaos Zone

Science Fiction Thriller Chat Story

Join our hero as he ventures out into the forbidden area in search of treasure and salvation for himself and his family. 
Entering the dangerous area, he is guided not just by treasure but an effort to save the mysterious ‘Timmy’, the fellow adventurer who calls out for help. 
He can’t just leave Timmy behind to die, can he?
But what will become of him as he wanders deeper and deeper into the place that is said to be plagued with terrible monsters and machines that can turn people inside out? 
And who exactly is Timmy, this strange siren, friend or foe?

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I hear that there  are terrible monsters and machines that can turn you inside out.

– frank, adventurer

Nobody comes here unless they are looking for treasure

– timmy 

What happened to the monsters, Timmy?

frank, adventurer

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