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Getting an AR app developed will cost you between €12,000 and €60,000. This is a huge difference in cost. In this blog post we will look at what jobs are involved in developing an AR App and how this price can change depending on different features & requirements.

How Much does an Augmented Reality App Cost?

What we’ll cover… How much does an AR App Cost? What is AR? How can AR work in an app? Basic app development costs Core AR Costs  3D models for AR  Related Features Store Publishing How much does an AR … Read More

How Much A Basic App Costs

How Much a Basic App Costs

What we’ll cover… How much app development costs What is considered a basic app What is not considered basic  How Many Pages Navigation Page Content Examples of Basic Apps Store Publishing Maintenance How much does the average app cost? How … Read More

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What app features do you get for 20,000 euros?

  What we’ll cover…   How much app development costs The basic app Store Publishing Extras and business logic Dynamic Information Secure User Access  Games, maps, lists, photo sharing AR and AI for your app   How much does the … Read More

How to fund your app development Ireland

How to fund your app development Ireland

What we’ll cover… Your app idea and funding options  Local Enterprise boards  Trading Voucher Online Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund Micro Finance Ireland Get an app quote from Glitterbug From Idea to App Got an idea for an app? Congratulations! … Read More

Money and phone icon from blog how to make money from your app

How to make money with your app

This post in 1 minute…. There are five popular ways to make money from your app  Direct Advertising involves showing different types of clickable ad in your app.  Indirect Advertising involves adding directory listings or sponsored mentions to your app  … Read More

What is a native, hybrid or web app? - blog post promotional image

Native, Web or Hybrid app

Blog post in 1 minute… What is a native, hybrid or web app? There are three major types of mobile app – Native, Hybrid and Web.  But what is the difference between these types of app, if any? Which type … Read More

ways that an app can help your small business poster with woman at desk

Ways that an app can help your small business.

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Making the Most of Your Commute

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