How to read on the go (and at the gym) 

Reading: The ultimate Escape

I am busy. We are all busy. Our lives are hectic and it  
can be extremely tough to make time to read.
But our hectic lives can also be full of tiny moments
when we are bored, stressed or just looking for an
Reading can be that escape.
When asked why they read, people gave a variety of answers. Some of my favorite reasons given were as follows:
“Reading is the ultimate escape”
“Reading allows me to enter a world completely different from my own”
Reading a good story can get you out of your head !  You can leave your own life and all the stresses and strains behind you for a while and go somewhere else. You can be entertained, amused and intrigued.
“I feel calm when I get into a book. It just lets me forget about the world around me”
“A good book is like a friend. You get to know the world and the characters”
Reading can be comforting and really helps to reduce stress levels, even if you only read for a short period of time each day.
Many studies including a recent research study by the University of Sussex has shown that reading is the best way to relax. The study findings suggest that six minutes of reading can be enough to reduce the stress levels by over two thirds.
“I feel a sense of achievement when I finish a book”
“Reading helps to relax, entertain and distract me on my commute”.

My early attempts at reading on the go….

For me these times are waiting for or sitting on buses and trains in my commute, working out at
the gym and break or lunch times at work.
I wanted to fill those times with something relaxing and entertaining so I tried fiction.
For many years I tried bringing a book with
me but that can be bulky, another heavy item
in an already over packed bag.
It can be hard to read from a book or a large
tablet when standing on a train, tram or bus,
holding on a hand rail and speeding through
the city!
It can be tougher still to focus on the page
amid all the distractions.
And I have a tendency to forget to bring my book with me.!!!
So I will often have this ‘doh’ moment when I realize that my book is at home or in my desk drawer or I left it in my bag in the locker room at the gym.
Later, I tried a tablet and although it was less bulky it was still added weight and I still tended to forget it.

But I always have my phone….

My phone is always with me. It is more than a phone. (it is a friend… nah, just kidding).
It is my contact to family and friends, my alarm clock, watch and stop watch. It is my notebook
and source of internet. It is how I play music. It is how I look up gym class times or read a
newspaper or check when the next bus is coming. It is how I play trivia (with Glitterbug trivia
apps 🙄).
Every where I go I bring my phone. 

…. Reading on my phone

So I tried reading on my phone.
It was fine. At first.
But the novelty wore off quickly.I couldn’t do it on a bus or an exercise bike for long.
Here’s what happened:
1. I started getting headaches or feeling nausea reading on a bus
2. I couldn’t keep track of the words if I was at the gym.
3. If I was tired it was a no go.
4. Every time I looked away or checked another app I lost my place!
I was always looking away because I was checking bus times, checking where the bus I was traveling on was, checking my time on the machine at the gym, etc.
Some apps were even worse and on closing them I’d lose my place entirely having to start again at the beginning!!

The solution: The ‘Snoop’ app and Story Chunks

I came up with the idea for Snoop by looking at text messages. I could read those easily and quickly without hurting my eyes, losing my place or getting annoyed.
So we at Glitterbug made a fiction app that fixes these pet peeves of any reader on the go:

The result? Snoop! 

An app where you easily navigate through 100s of stories and read
each in a text message style format that we call chunked reading.

Each piece of content is delivered as a text message style chunk
You can read each clearly, even on a bus

We keep your exact place, down to the sentence you last read,
and you can return to it easily. We do this for all our stories and
you can have tons of open stories and flick over and back
between them.
Snoop had an easy to navigate dashboard filled with story titles
displayed like book covers. You can quickly choose a story and
start reading !
Choose from a wide range of genres: 
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Thrillers
  • Drama
  • Reality
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Comedy
  • Cross genre stories

How much does it cost? 

Snoop offers free stories and does not charge a subscription fee!

Where can I get Snoop? 

Snoop is available for Android devices on Google play:

Get it on Google Play

Other useful tips

Some other useful tips for reading on the go:
1. I choose shorter stories or content pieces. Decide by your approximate journey time.
With Snoop you can enter a reading time and see work which matches that time. All of our ‘story spotlight’ pieces are organised by time.
2. I close my eyes from time to time on buses or trains and I find it helps me if I feel travel sickness.
3. I choose light or entertaining reads. We have multiple genres you can peruse through.
4. Listen to audio book version instead of you can.
This feature is being integrated into Snoop as we speak!

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