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What is Instagram and how do I use it?

Old fashioned cameraInstagram is an app which lets you express yourself by posting content in the form of videos and images.

 Once you have downloaded the Instagram app you can quickly view photos and videos posted by other members of the community.

So, in a nutshell, Instagram lets you connect with other people and share content

Why should I care? 


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Instagram is great for anyone who wants to reach out to other people and express yourself.

Moreover, it is vital for any business wishing to reach out and attract potential customers.

Instagram can be used as a free way to spread the word and engage with people who might be

interested in what you are promoting.

You can gather loyal fans and let people know about new updates to your products or services.



What are good examples of posts? 

Instagram is all about expressing yourself through images.
Your image needs to immediately pull people in and show them what you are promoting.
Here are some of our top performing posts. You can find out more by following @glitterbugtech on Instagram.
You can check out our Instagram here:

Do you like scary stories?

Looking for an escape?Road to adventure


How do I post? 

Creating posts is essential to using Instagram. This is the first step to your journey as an Instagrammer.






You can create a post as follows:

  1.  On the app, click on the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  2.  Your gallery appears, choose an image.
  3.  Click the ‘next’ button on the top right hand corner twice.
  4.  Enter your caption. You can add hashtags here if you like!
  5. Enter a location if you wish
  6. Tag other people if you wish
  7.  Click the ‘share’ button on the top right hand corner to share the image.
  8. Once you’ve shared the image, you can add hashtags to your comments if you like!



What are likes and how do I get them?

Images can be liked by other users. The more likes an image gets, the better. Images with more likes get are more likely to be seen by other people as they are more prominent.

Within any hashtag category, images with the most likes are placed at the top where users can easily view them.

So, likes are key!

You can get likes by liking other people’s posts, by applying hashtags, reaching out to followers and friends and through free services such as Gramblr.

thanks man

What are hashtags and how do I use them?



Each post is automatically shared with your followers but in order to reach a wider audience, you need to add hashtags.
Hashtags are categories which you assign your post to. Users choose to view posts in their affiliated categories. So, this provides you with an excellent mechanism to reach out to the users who are looking for your product or service.
Think of hashtags as a matching service.
A hash tag is a word with a # symbol in front of it e.g #glitterbugtech.
You simply type the word including the # symbol in your caption are while adding your post.
Forgot to add hashtags?
Don’t worry, the good news is that you can add these in the comments section and it has the same effect.
You should add hashtags as soon as you post, though, as most popular categories will only show most recently posted photos for a short time, a matter of seconds in some cases.

How can I get images for posts?

Sites like unsplash offer free images which you can use legally. The trick is to find sites that give you a wide range of images that are free to use and also free for commercial use (in the case of a business).
Here are a few sites which we have used in the past:

What kind of posts can I make?

Your images should depend on what you are trying to advertise.  e.g. We advertise fiction apps so we show images which we create to look like book covers or quotes with a background picture.
You don’t need to add a photo, many posts are simply black or colour backgrounds with text on top.
You can also make videos and post these.


How can I create posts on the web and mobile?

Websites like canva are great for creating posts. You can upload images, add shapes and text and even start with a template. There are tons of different templates specific to Instagram posts.
You can find Canva here and there is a free trial.
Textagram is a great app for your phone to create posts on the go. It is completely free and allows you to choose templates, add images and add text or different sizes and fonts.
You can find Textagram here and there is a free trial.

What is following in the Instagram universe?

You follow people in order to see their posts on your ‘home page’. You get followers and these are people who will, likewise, see your posts on their ‘home page’.


How do I follow people?

When you look at a post e.g. by checking all the posts in a hashtag category, you will see a ‘follow’ link at the top left side of the screen beside the person’s name. Click on this to follow someone.

You can find people by searching for them. To search for a person do the following:

  1. Click on the search link on the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on the search bar which then appears at the top of the screen.
  3. On click, four sub menu items appear. Click on ‘people’ and enter glitterbugtech. You will find us.
  4. Once you click on our profile, you will see a ‘follow’ link on the top left of the screen. Click this button to follow us!

We always follow back 🙂

How do I get more followers?

You need to get followers. Remember. these are people who will see your posts without the need for hashtags. You want as many as possible but mainly people who are interested in what you are promoting.

You can get followers by following other people and asking them to follow you in return, by asking people in your own circles or by posting interesting and eye catching content.

How do I use Instagram to get people to reach my product? 

  • Draw people in with nice images or screenshots of your product
  • Entertain people with funny posts
  • Show people inspirational quotes or interesting facts
  • Use eye catching combinations of photos and text
  • Let people immediately see your product or what it does
  • Ask questions
  • Draw people in with mystery.

You cannot directly click on an instagram post, so you can’t add links to your own site or other promotional pages. This leads the question – how do I bring users? One way we have found is to provide them with simple instructions e.g. Search for Glitterbug in Google Play.


Who are Glitterbug and what do we do?

We are an Irish startup company focusing on software development for the mobile platform.  Why not talk to us about having an app developed or download one of our many existing products. You can find out more at our website

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