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What’s new in interactive fiction

Here is my full description of Painted World – the dark fantasy gamebook, interactive fiction, interactive story, choose your own adventure game, choose your own adventure story, and downright fun app….

The dark fantasy, text-based gamebook app ‘Painted World’ has been released on Android and iOS.
The app works like this – you have nine protagonists. Their worlds and stories interact. They start their stories in different times and dimensions, but they run into each other along the way.
You see the world through the eyes of your chosen character. At the end of each page you have two choices which determine the next chapter. You can also change protagonist and see the world from another point of view.

The story is dark fantasy filled with angels, demons, humans and supernatural beings including Wendigos, Obigados and beings from ancient celtic ‘lore’ such as Crom Cruach.

The worlds of the story include earth, heaven, hell, purgatory, the ghost realm, other dimensions and times and other planets.
The main characters are ….
Marcus/Marcella – An angel/demon serial killer and hunter of killers on who meets with a couple of cannibals who might just be his match
Rose – Daughter of cannibals, thrown into a psychiatric hospital for trying to expose them – in touch with Ancient Egyptian Goddess who may be a friend or a foe
Iris – A member of the cult of the Angel Marcella who is kidnapped by gangsters
Evan – A psychic veterinary nurse who falls in love with Iris
Harry – A 238 year old sea captain cursed with immortality
Jill – a psychiatrist in Rose’s hospital who gets strange letters from a man known as the Fire King, she thinks she has it under control until a golem shows up at her door…
and another 3 characters (you’ll have to download the app to see more)

The app is totally free to play (no in app purchases required). It can be downloaded from google play and the app store and links are in the website. The website is here:

Painted World released

This week has been exciting for Glitterbug in terms of releases. We released a brand new app in the interactive fiction genre on both Android and iOS.

The app is called Painted World (PW interactive fiction is the new and official title). PW Interactive Fiction is based on the idea of reading a chapter and choosing from different possible endings.

To make things more interesting, we added our own blend of Glitterbug innovation with our choice of main protagonist.  Painted World contains lots of characters but the story is told through the eyes of nine main protagonists. You get to choose one of these and see the story through his or her eyes. Each character has a different story, perhaps set in another time, but each and every character will appear in each others’ stories.

PW Interactive fiction is a text-based story because we want to unleash the power of your imagination without confining it with preconceived notions of what the characters or scenes look like. We also don’t want to crowd the app or interrupt the story with graphics. Story is everything. Story is key.

Our world is fantasy, with unlimited possibilities. The stories all start on earth but the characters can go to heaven, hell, other dimensions, the ghost realm and other times. Anything is possible.

Our characters include humans but also supernatural beings. We absolutely love folklore, so we drink in world wide legends, stories and beliefs and place them in our story.

PW Interactive fiction is available on Android in the Google play store.


PW Interactive fiction is also available on iphone and ipad in the Apple App store.


Finally, we have constructed a companion webpage on this site

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