Westworld Trivia and other news

Last week we released Westworld Trivia. It was fun to make a quiz about something that I watch fanatically each Monday night. It’s a funny thing, choosing topics for the trivia apps. We ask for feedback all the time and it is something that polarizes people.

About half of our feedback is from family and friends who say, hey, make more entertainment quizzes – we’ve gotten requests for a modern TV quiz , an 80’s cartoon quiz, a science fiction quiz and an easier movie quiz.  More entertainment, more light stuff, that’s what we’ve heard.

The other half of our friends and family stand on the opposing side. More academic stuff, more learning, try to follow the leaving cert curriculum, more geography they cry.

The amazing thing for me is getting feedback, let alone excited and enthusiastic feedback.  Our audience is a growing one, albeit small at these early stages but it warms my heart to see that our audience actually enjoy our trivia apps and that they know what they like.

So.. keeping that in mind, what do we have planned… well, we’re working on something a little bit different at the moment – Quiz World – which will combine a traditional RPG game (like Zelda) with a character on a map and a Trivia Game where you answer questions on different categories in different quiz modes. It’s going to be a chimera of sorts. I don’t think (after my exhaustive search) that I’ve seen anything like it yet.

Added to that we’ve changed tact and gone down the release for all platforms at the same time route. So, we’re going to support iPhone and Windows and hopefully even place a demo on our website in HTML5.

That’s the plan anyways. We’re currently using a pretty nifty (although painful to learn) framework called LIBGDX which allows us to create games in java which will then be run on android, iOS and windows in their native format. Libgdx uses OpenGL 2.0 (and 3.0 I think) to do it’s rendering, so it’s very efficient.


So, that’s December all wrapped up,

Talk to you later readers,

Keep on quizzing,







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