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This Week… Launching the Science Quiz

This week has been a busy week for us. We released our European Capitals Trivia on Saturday and we have released our Science Trivia App on Tuesday. So, I learned a lot of interesting facts this week.
Like.. did you know that certain sharks lay eggs and that these are the biggest eggs in the world? Or, that one of the first 6 programmers (on the worlds’ first general use computer) was a woman from Donegal?
It’s been interesting to go through the periodic table again after so many years and refresh my mind on all those psychology topics I used to frantically study for back in college.
I got to learn a lot of new topics also, I got to read about botany and food science, about the history of science and about geology and eco-science.
The Supermoon this week made me remember star gazing in my teenage years and the astronomy rounds were a refresher for those times. I’m already planning to watch the meteor shower in mid December.
We are very proud of our science app. We’ve extended the existing app format to have true or false questions, image based questions and lots more content. The Science quiz has 15 topics, 30 rounds and 300 questions. It’s completely ad-free (so, no annoying video ads or banner ads) and completely free as well.
We decided to take the advertisements out because they really take away from the gaming experience. I have played over a 100 quiz apps on android and I don’t think I’ve found one that’s ad free yet.
The rest of the week is exciting for me. I’ll be working on completing a new Trivia app that is very different from what is already out there. I have to keep quiet about it until it’s released, but after working on it for the last few months solid, I can’t wait to release it to the google play store and see what people think.
I suppose I should plug our other services at some point. We make trivia apps for all events – corporate team building, sports and social clubs, parties and family events and even waiting rooms and cafes. Our quizzes can be fully customised. You can have your own logo, colour scheme, title and background image and you can even have your own leaderboard. You can choose your own questions or use our questions or even just have a mixture.
If you are a teacher or a tutor, feel free to contact us about potential free custom quizzes for schools.
All of our apps are available for download from the google play store today. You can also link to any app from our webpage
Happy Quizzing,

What makes Glitterbug Quiz apps stand out

Glitterbug Quiz Games are completely free and advertisement-free also. After analysing over 100 android quiz apps, we made the choice to forgo advertising revenue in order to provide better quality games and a better quiz experience. We feel that this allows our games to stand out as our players can focus on enjoying the game.

Glitterbug games are very easy to use. We focus on using the design principles of material design in order to create apps which are elegant, intuitive and straightforward. We limit the amount of animations and provide simple, fluid transitions between questions.

Our games are also extremely fast, good quality apps. We pride ourselves on creating high performance apps. We have chosen a native android platform and low level libraries such as OpenGL in order to provide apps which are fluid and quick. This really enhances the quizzing experience.

Our games are also tested thoroughly in terms of content. We have a team of 3 volunteer content testers (family) who test our games for spelling mistakes or incorrect answers and flag these to us.

Glitterbug also offer premium custom quiz apps for corporate events, parties and businesses such as cafes and bars. These quiz apps can be customised with company logos, colour scheme, background images and questions can be custom questions, Glitterbug questions or a mixture.


Glitterbug is an Irish start up software company which was incorporated in March 2016. We focus on Mobile games, particularly Trivia apps. We currently release apps for android phones but we hope to support iphone and windows phones by the end of 2016.

Glitterbug is co-owned by Laura Cavanagh and Colin Vaughan.

Colin Vaughan is a java/android/web software developer. Colin is a certified freelance Android Developer and a keen enthusiast of Material Design.

He focuses on UX, web development, android visual design and testing.

Laura has been a software developer/architect since 2003. She has worked in various sectors

including security applications, gaming, web development, XML parsing, marketing and payment solutions. She has worked in large and small companies, as a developer, a consultant and as an Architect. She is currently the CTMO at Glitterbug – doing android development, design, marketing, funding and defining the product roadmap.

The main focus of Glitterbug is to make apps. We make standalone quiz apps. We make custom apps for corporate events, parties and family occasions.

We are developing a few awesome applications which we hope to release by the end of 2016.

So watch this space for more updates on our adventures.

You can download our existing apps from the google play store or by going to