Be Our Guest Sasta

Be Our Guest Sasta – Digital Hotel Guest App

Make guests feel like part of a community with the Be Our Guest Sasta app.

Share details about services, events and activities at your hotel, allow your guests to make in-visit bookings, give you feedback, play a range of fun games and use instant chat.

Eight Great Features for your guests

Make guests feel like part of a community with the Be Our Guest Sasta app. 

1. Book hotel events

2. Appointments for services

3. Guest Games Arena

4. Your hotel news & details

5. Instant Chat for guests

6. Share Special Offers

7. Guest Meal Orders

8. Get feedback from guests

Help guests make more of their stay 

Make booking services, planning events, choosing activities and booking meals easier. 

Build a Community 

Make your guests feel like they are a community with games, chat, feedback opportunities and your own in-app blog all about your hotel. 

Benefits to You

These are some of the ways that Be Our Guest Wedding can benefit your venue.

Save Time

Reduce the time pressure on your team by allowing easier service booking and  communciations .

Better Guest Experience

Give guests a better experience and provide couples with a more seemless guest journey.

Save Money

Save money by reducing food and energy waste with guest food orders. Save money on advertising with your showcase for guests.

Complimentary app

Sasta include a web console for you, an app for you and a complimentary app for your guests.

Easy Communications

Communicate hotel details and any news or important updates. Get guest requests by chat. 

Be More Sustainable

Save food and energy  through pre-trip guest meal orders. Reduce paper waste on promotional materials and hotel information packs.


Here are some of our key features for you as a wedding venue and for your couples and their guests.

Events & services


Let guests access and book your venue’s events and see updates to events. Extend this to local activities in your area.

Show your guests a list of activities tailored towards their type of stay and guest profile. Allow guests to easily book events with limited places and see ahead of time whether these events have free places available.



Allow guests to see availability for hotel services such as your day spa, sports or classes. Enable your guests to make appointments, provide answers to custom questions ahead of time, view their upcoming schedule of appointments and reschedule if needed.

In addition, we provide you with a dedicated area to let wedding guests know all about your venue.

Games & guest community

Games Arena 

Give your guests the opportunity to play a host of different digital games, take part in tournaments and live games with other guests.

Give guests the fun of single player games and compete against other guests for the day’s top score. Provide them with the enchantment of group games like our murder mystery game and the thrill of scheduled, live games like quizzes .

Get your guests walking around your hotel grounds or local area with an augmented reality treasure hunt.



Share detailed information about your hotel with your guests and regularly share photos and updates with guests about the services, events and activities available.

Give your guests a map of your hotel and important information on the services you provide. Enchant guests with a detailed history of your hotel and add personal touches such as releasing micro blog posts sharing photos and updates.

instant chat & meal ordering 

Guest Chat 

Allow guests to chat with different parts of your hotel team before, during and after their stay using instant message chat. Make it easier for guests to ask for information or have a change made to their room while freeing up your front desk staff from constant telephone calls.

Meal Orders 

Make ordering food easier for guests by providing in-app food ordering for both room service and to allow guests to book their meal choices and reserve their dinner appointments ahead of time.

Offers, NEWS & Feedback

Special Offers

Upsell your hotel services and local attractions to your guests by providing special offers valid during their stay and rebook offers for future stays.

Feedback from guests

Going to add a new activity, event or service to your hotel? Get feedback from upcoming and past guests first!

Allow guests to vote on populate activity possibilities, giving guests a feeling of being part of the community and providing you with invaluable insights.

Give your guests the chance to make suggestions!

How it Works

These are some of the ways that Be Our Guest Wedding can benefit your venue.

Your Console

We provide you with a web console and an optional mobile app version of the console.

Full Training

We also give you full training and support including a range of training videos for you and your couples. 

Create Guest Accounts

At the click of a button, you can create accounts for guests and customize their introduction email.

Guest app

Gusets get an introduction email with links to the Apple and Android version of their app. They can login securely by email.

Immediate updates

Share news, hotel details, events, activities and service changes and guests immediately see your changes.

Get Guest details

Get real time updates when guests book dining or other services, RSVP for events or make meal choices.  

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