The Corporate Events Commuity Platform

Be Our Guest Business

Real time communication between venues, couples & wedding guests. Get seating plans, guest RSVPs and guest meal orders.

Better Events for You

Make the process of organising and managing events easier, better and more fun.

With Be Our Guest Business you can create events, invite your contacts, share information on activities for different sub-groups of your attendees and allow your attendees to RSVP for each activity.

Attendees, speakers, presenters and your team each get an app of their own. Your team also gets a web console. 

Better Events for your Presenters & Suppliers

Give your event suppliers/presenters something special with digital trade fair booths which attendees can access before, after and during your event.

Make communications easier with instant message chat and a social area for posting photos, videos and news updates.

Empower suppliers to provide exclusive special offers for attendees as well as gather resources together to provide gifts for competitions or draws.



Better Events for Attendees


Make events easier, more productive and more fun for your attendees. 

Create a real sense of community for everyone attending your event with features like a games arena with single player games and tournaments, group games, social games and ice breakers. 

Share information about your event including dynamic maps, directories for suppliers’ booths, lists of speakers and a personalised, tailored itinerary for each attendee based on their bookings and preferences.

Allow attendees to easily book speaker activities,  make appointments to talk to suppliers, engage in instant message chat and keep a handy filofax of other attendees, speakers and suppliers. 



Benefits to You

These are some of the ways that Be Our Guest Wedding can benefit your venue.

Save Time

Reduce the time needed for organizing your event, inviting contacts, getting RSVPs for the event and for speaker engagements

Better Attendee Experience

Create standout events and really impress your attendees with dynamic maps, games, a community and easy communications.

More for Suppliers

Offer your suppliers/presenters more than just a one day/weekend event. Give them the opportunity to showcase their business before, during and after the event.

Complimentary app

You get a web console and an app, each of your presenters and speakers get an app and each attendee gets an app too.

Easy Communications

Make communications  easier for you, your attendees, your speakers and your suppliers. This saves you time and makes the experience better.

Make it FUN!

Make your events more fun and build a community with games, competitions, digital trade show booths and more.

How it Works

These are some of the ways that Be Our Guest Wedding can benefit your venue.

Your Console

We provide you with a web console and an optional mobile app version of the console.

Full Training

We also give you full training and support including a range of training videos for you and your attendees. 

Create Attendee Accounts

At the click of a button, you can create accounts for attendees and customize their introduction email.

Couples app

Attendees get an introduction email with links to the Apple and Android version of their app. They can login securely by email.

Different apps

Attendees, speakers, sponsors and suppliers/presenters can all have different features on their app. 

Enjoy a fun, stress free event

Make everything easier for your attendees and enjoy the positive reviews and feedback from everyone!

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