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Get Your Authors Noticed

Give your authors a whole new channel on which to promote their work and advertise new authors with the Glitterbug Bookcase app

Appeal to Mobile Shoppers

Readers tend to do their searching, browsing and selecting from their mobile devices, often, for example, on the commute home from work.

Easy for Readers

‘After all is said and done, it’s about inspiring readers by giving them a seamless, high quality experience


A New Medium for Publishing

Talk to us about getting a full length, chat message style novel created as an app!

Reviews Made Easy

Let readers decide for themselves by browsing through the outstanding reviews that your authors have received

Gather Vital Analytics

Find the points in the user journey where they opt out of buying your authors’ book and heal these, increasing sales for you and your author!

Glitterbug Bookcase

  • Place your authors on our shared Bookcase app 

  • Showcase sample chapter of your authors’ work in ‘chat message’ format

  • Get your own, independent and branded showcase app – myAuthors

  • Reach new readers by accessing a different channel

  • Get valuable analytics to improve your selling process 


The Glitterbug Bookcase app is the perfect showcase for your authors’ work!

Especially designed for smaller devices, our mobile friendly apps give readers an elegant, delightful experience while ‘on the go’.

Books are shown in a ‘Bookcase’ fashion with different shelves organised by genre, most popular, newest, alphabetical and other filters. 

Each author can have their own page showing their image, details, list of books and links to buy their book. 

Readers can choose favourite books and authors and subscribe to author broadcasts

As a publisher you can add your authors to the shared app or get your very own branded, customised version of the app!








Why Choose Glitterbug Bookcase?

Authors' work can be found on the App Store and Google Play

Every channel matters in marketing and promotions. The more ways for a potential reader to see your authors’ work, the better! With this in mind, why not add your valued authors to this new and exciting channel.

Especially designed for mobile Shoppers

80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.

With our ‘Chat Message’ style format, readers can peruse the sample chapter of a book easily on even a very small device! What can be easier than chat messages?

 As well as this our design and functionality has been created with mobile ‘on the go’ readers in mind. Features like ‘auto save’ that automatically bookmarks your place down to the sentence helps a lot!

Elegant, professionally designed Themes

Here at Glitterbug we combine art with technology and there is no better place to see this than in our premium themes. Each of these themes have been developed especially for Glitterbug using acrylic paints, beautiful photography and finished off with tools like Photoshop.  

No Wifi? No Worries!

Hand in Hand is a fully native mobile app. This means that each screen loads instantly (no annoying delays!) and the app is available offline (including the map feature!)

Celebrating Authors

Glitterbug Bookcase and MyAuthors provides excellent scope to promote your hardworking and dedicated authors. Each author receives their own ‘page/screen’ as well as the opportunity to gather a following on the app. In addition to this opportunities such as ‘Featured Authors’ give readers a little insight into the makers of their favourite works and provide authors with a voice. 

Insights from Analytics

Follow the readers’ journey and find out what you can change to encourage more readers to choose your authors! 

Early Bird Special

Although our other fiction apps like Snoop Chat stories have close to 10,000 organic downloads, Bookcase is yet to be released on the market. We are gathering names at present and signing up publishers before our big launch in April 2019. 

Get in there early and receive 10% off the total price !


Your Own App

Your Own App

Provide your readers with a beautiful, well-designed app that is also a quick and easy way to check out new and favourite authors! 

Have your very own app with your branding, logo, colour scheme and only your authors listed on it. 


 A Shared Experience 

Get your authors listed on the Glitterbug Bookcase app. 

Bookcase will give readers the opportunity to find their next read like browsing through a bookshop! 

Readers can subscribe to authors as favorites, search and check out our different shelves!