About Us

Irish App Development company

We are Sustainable

Glitterbug are a sustainable Irish Business.

Respect for the environment and working against climate change is alive in every aspect of what we do and who we are. 

We create apps to reduce paper, food and energy waste. 

Sustainable businesses are championed in our wedding app and upcoming sustainable Ireland app.

In our own lives, we live a sustainably. We are a vegan-led business who avoid food waste, avoid disposable coffee cups or single use water bottles and use public transport where possible.  


We are Female Led & Inclusive

We are also a female-led business – Laura Cavanagh is cofounder and lead software developer who works hands on writing code for our apps. 

We aim for inclusivity in every aspect of our business.

We are Independent

Glitterbug are an independent company. We are not financed or backed by a larger organisation. The buck stops here. We are small, totally independent Irish software company based in Donegal.

Why Glitterbug?

To begin, if you are searching for app design, app development or a website, you should call us today.
But… Why?
Because our experienced team delights in crafting high quality, secure, native mobile apps.
Furthermore, Glitterbug is based in our vibrant capital, Dublin. Therefore we are accessible and local.
Indeed, we are the Irish App Development company for you.
Above all, our effective team have expertise in app design, app and web development.  Also, we provide server side development, content writing, SEO and marketing.
In conclusion, we have published almost 40 apps ourselves so we know the industry! 

Who are Glitterbug?

First of all, thanks for getting to know us. Although, we are a small company, we bring together a lot of varied expertise. Specifically, our dynamic team consists of Laura Cavanagh, Colin Vaughan and Elaine Rose. 

As a result of our varied skillsets, we bring technical, writing, marketing, psychology, and design. Above all, we are a passionate, committed and highly skilled group who love app development. 

Laura Cavanagh

First, Laura is a solutions architect. She is also a developer, psychology graduate and a writer.

As a result of 15 years experience in development Laura is a hands on technical expert who has never lost her enthusiasm.

Finally, she is a quick thinking strategist with an eye on what makes technology shine.


Colin Vaughan

To start with, Colin is a brilliant software engineer. Specifically, he is a certified android developer, a UX/UI guru and all round problem solver.

Consequently, he is the person to talk to if you want someone who will listen, assess, advise and come up with ‘on the spot’ solutions.

Elaine Rose

Above all, Elaine is a talented writer. In addition to her authoring skills, she is well versed in marketing and sales. 

In short, she is a clever wordsmith who can draw in an audience to your app and help you understand your customers.

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