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Want to hire app developer in Ireland? Look no further. We are the best mobile app development company in Ireland because we are passionate about android and iOS App development.
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Our Story

We started Glitterbug back in 2016 in Dublin and our primary goal was to develop beautiful, high quality apps for ourselves.

We focused first on quiz apps and released our much loved QuizLand game back in 2017. 

After quizzes and games, we turned our attention to fiction and later to weddings.

We now use our in-depth knowledge of the app world to design and develop apps for you!



Who are Glitterbug?

We are a small, independent app development company based in Ireland.

If you are looking to hire app developers in Ireland, look no further. We bring together a lot of varied expertise and our core Glitterbugs are Laura Cavanagh, Colin Vaughan and Elaine Rose. 

We can help you with brainstorming, UX design, app development, publishing an app, marketing your app, content writing and more. 

Laura Cavanagh

Cofounder Laura Cavanagh leads software development at Glitterbug.

Laura has been working as a software engineer since 2002.  She focuses on design, coding & brainstorming.

Laura’s hobbies include fiction writing, film making, painting, modern dance and tennis.

Colin Vaughan

Cofounder Colin leads our sales, technical solutions & business endeavors.

Combining years of software engineering and sales strategy, Colin is highly talented in both app development and business strategy.

His hobbies include writing poetry and he loves football!

Elaine Rose

Leading our content area, Elaine is a talented writer and creator.

She has published several pieces of fiction and been invovled in multiple film and writing projects.

Elaine’s hobbies include drama & improv, attending music festivals & film making,

We know the App World

What sets Glitterbug apart from other App Development companies in Ireland?

We know apps. We, as cofounders, are app developers.

We also develop our own apps. We have been in your shoes designing and developing apps for ourself.

From years of experience in the app world, we know what attracts customers, what keeps them regularly using an app and what works well for both marketing your app and making money from it.

Our Apps do Well

The App Stores love Glitterbug Apps! 
Our top apps like Quizland, Bubblegum Fiction & Be Our Guest have gotten over 10K downloads EACH on Google play alone. That’s quite an achievement! 
That’s why we are one of the top mobile app development companies in Ireland. 

We are Independent & Tech Led

Glitterbug is an independent company based in Ireland.
We are not backed by large capital, this means that we’re free to make our own choices.


As technical cofounders, we write our own code, so we know every line. We stand out because we never outsource our development.
This is another reason why Glitterbug are one of the best app development companies in Ireland.

We are female led

Hi. I’m cofounder Laura Cavanagh. I drive the technical arm of our business as the lead software developer.

After almost 13 years in a male-driven, intimidating, chauvinistic tech industry I wanted to create something better – a company where women had as much of a voice as their male counterparts and where women were safe and supported.

This is an important part of the Glitterbug ethos.

If you are looking for a female-led app development company supporting women in tech, then look no further. 


We are Sustainable

Glitterbug are a sustainable app development company 

We have launched apps that save paper, food waste and energy.

As cofounders we also strive to live eco-friendly lives by being plant based, reducing food waste,  eating seasonal foods, reducing paper waste and by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

That’s another reason why we are the top app development company in Ireland.


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