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New Apps ideas for you in 2022

10 more unique app ideas for your startup in 2022 poster

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  • Thinking of developing an app? We have gathered some app ideas for you. 
  • Text translation app, food Donation app and Bill alert app.
  • Bike servicing app, Health check up & Food Planning App
  • Language learning app, Scan for your shop app. Fitness App  – ideas and lifestyle tips. 
  • Social Distancing app. Mask Maintenance app.

1. Text translation app

 This app instantly translates pieces of text to any language. Make it unique by adding more obscure, less well known languages. 

Similar to speaking a language, another big concerns when travelling abroad is how to read menus and signs and understood the language of the country you are travelling in and this can sometimes be stressful and lead to all sorts of confusions and wrong orders.

An app that can instantly translate the text you are reading would be a useful app for 2022 both for yourself and for your users.

Your user would be able show text to the phone and their words would be immediately translated to their desired language. 

2. Food donation app for restaurants

This app allows eateries, shops and food producers to donate perishable food to charities or selling food at a lower cost when its close to the end of the day.

Make it unique by adding the ability to re-use wasted food e.g. as compost for other businesses or for individuals.

This useful kind of app would allow restaurants and cafes to call charities  that surround their area to donate excess food every day to the homeless.

They could be able to instantly broadcast how much food they have left as the day comes to an end and all the charities would see eateries in their geographical area that have food. 

3. Bill alert app

A simple but useful app that is easy to make and get you started on the road to success.

This mobile application allows users to enter billing information and get reminders when bills are due.

Make it unique by allowing users to integrate with email based on key words or scan digital or physical billing information documents. 

Nowadays so many people are subscribed to different websites, applications, services and apps e.g. Netflix, Apple TV, Spotify

It’s hard to keep track of when these bills are going out and to make sure that you have the money in your account.

This app will notify you and help you keep track of all your upcoming bills and subscriptions that you need to pay before the deadline arrives.

4. Bike servicing app

Connect bike owners with bicycle repair companies and individuals doing repairs.

Make it unique with handy features such as notifications when bike is complete, automated part order handling for bike repair companies, regular repair checkup reminders and door to door delivery. 

A bike servicing app and associated application could be a great app for you to have developed in 2022. 

This innovative app will use technology to help cyclists by providing them a transparent, easy to use connection to high-quality, reliable bicycle maintenance providers.

The providers could pay you to be mentioned on the app, add tips and information for your users and be rated by the users of your app.

The platform could provide handy features like optional door-step pick-up/drop off, a notification to say when your bike has been repaired.

You could sell accessories  for bikes or have an in-built inventory management system that helps reduce the waiting-time, helps the provider order new stock in time, etc.

5. Health check up & Food Planning App

Combine a health check service with food planning. Allow users to do a daily self check for their health, semi regular checkups and help them to plan their diet.

Partner with professionals in these areas to make more of an impact. This app could grow to include meditation, walking routes, exercise, yoga and more. 

This app does a health check for you day by day & it will suggest the best meal choices for you to eat in order to stay healthy.

It will serve you up (pun intended) y numerous healthy, tasty and easy to make recipes that are provided by professional chefs and food bloggers.

You can filter your content so that it can be different depending on the user’s health situation, for e.g. if you have issues with IBS patient, you’ll get recommendations for recipes that are composed of ingredients shown to improve IBS symptoms.

The app can team up with local groceries to deliver healthy items or online health shops to order directly from the app.

6. Language learning app

This app would be for learning new languages and you could include more unusual languages like Irish, Latin or Middle English.

This app will let your users start with an initial test and then provide them with lessons with the difficulty based on their test results.

You could focus on rare languages, place more emphasis on games or spoken language or even introduce the idea of conversations with other users.

This kind of language learning app would be a hit app in 2022.

The app can have different levels of expertise with the first level being simple things like alphabets or phonemes to more advanced levels with full-fledged conversations, stories to read and group interactions.

The app could even enable voice so that your users know how words are pronounced.

7. Scan for your shop apps

A brilliant app idea for 2022 is the ‘Scan to Shop’ platform.

With this kind of app your user can scan the items that they want, get suggestions, filter by their dietary needs or other needs and find the closest substitute if the product is not available.

This could be linked to one or more online shop so that they can purchase their items instantly.

8. Fitness App

A healthy lifestyle app that targets health conscious users would be a wonderful app idea for 2022.

It would track user’s lifestyle habits and you could partner with health professionals like nutritionists, pathologists, GPs, fitness trainers and health coaches in order to reduce the risk of lifestyle disorders

The app could be equipped with different info charts that can help your users to easily view and manage their health incorporating different aspects like their weight, sugar intake, heart rate, blood pressure, digestive health, mental health, etc.

Uses could also have individualized meal charts, lifestyle plans which they can create or manage, nutrition plans as per their own unique needs and health issues or goals.

The app could also be integrated with things like chat messaging or forums  that allows your users to talk with the community and have one to one chats with health professionals.

9. Social Distancing app

Another helpful app for 2022 would be a social distancing app.

User AR to let your know if other people are within 2 metres of each other.

You could make things easier by showing visually the 2 meter distance so that you can avoid stepping into that space.

It would also provide users with reminders to sanitise their hands or remember their mask. 

10. Mask Maintenance app

Another useful app for 2022 would be a mask maintenance app where users’ could set a reminder before they leave the house to check if they have their mask with them.

There could also be reminders to wash their mask if using non-disposable masks or to purchase more disposable masks.

There could also be a link to online shops to purchase masks, the user could also design their own masks or get information on social distancing and mask maintenance.

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