Glitterbug Chat Stories Android app

Glitterbug Chat Stories Android app

Here at Glitterbug we love to write stories. That’s why we are releasing our Glitterbug Chat Stories Android app. We have been very happy with the positive response to our Painted World ebook app which we released earlier in 2017 and we enjoyed the writing so much and we have decided to create another fiction app.
Our new app is simply entitled Glitterbug Chat Stories because, well, it is a chat stories app.

What are chat stories?

Chat stories are short fiction pieces designed for the mobile user. Chat stories are written in the style of text messages.
The stories are highly dialogue focused, fast paced and full of action.
Chat stories are quickly becoming a popular form of fiction which lends itself well to the age of mobile devices.

Glitterbug Chat Stories – one Tap and you will be hooked!

Glitterbug chat stories are written for different genres. We plan to update our app on a very regular basis with new
stories including a few long serials updated weekly. Each story is written in the form of text messages between different
Genres include horror, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance and action. We have a growing number of stories.

100% free

Each Glitterbug chat story contains roughly 200 – 300 messages, making them lengthy enough to create stories which you
can sink your teeth into.
Your place in the story is automatically saved, so you can leave the app, try another story and then return to each story
where you last started.

Our chat story app is 100% free. This means that there are no in-app purchases, no 20 minute or 40 minute waits for users who
refuse to pay fees. All our users are free users. We also limit advertising to rewarded videos which you watch after every
50 messages. We have absolutely no banner ads or institutional ads. This is because we highly value the reader experience.

Our Android version is now available. You can download our chat stories here for google play (iOS version coming soon)

Download on Google Play

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