What makes Glitterbug Quiz apps stand out

Glitterbug Quiz Games are completely free and advertisement-free also. After analysing over 100 android quiz apps, we made the choice to forgo advertising revenue in order to provide better quality games and a better quiz experience. We feel that this allows our games to stand out as our players can focus on enjoying the game.

Glitterbug games are very easy to use. We focus on using the design principles of material design in order to create apps which are elegant, intuitive and straightforward. We limit the amount of animations and provide simple, fluid transitions between questions.

Our games are also extremely fast, good quality apps. We pride ourselves on creating high performance apps. We have chosen a native android platform and low level libraries such as OpenGL in order to provide apps which are fluid and quick. This really enhances the quizzing experience.

Our games are also tested thoroughly in terms of content. We have a team of 3 volunteer content testers (family) who test our games for spelling mistakes or incorrect answers and flag these to us.

Glitterbug also offer premium custom quiz apps for corporate events, parties and businesses such as cafes and bars. These quiz apps can be customised with company logos, colour scheme, background images and questions can be custom questions, Glitterbug questions or a mixture.

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