Glitterbug is an Irish start up software company which was incorporated in March 2016. We focus on Mobile games, particularly Trivia apps. We currently release apps for android phones but we hope to support iphone and windows phones by the end of 2016.

Glitterbug is co-owned by Laura Cavanagh and Colin Vaughan.

Colin Vaughan is a java/android/web software developer. Colin is a certified freelance Android Developer and a keen enthusiast of Material Design.

He focuses on UX, web development, android visual design and testing.

Laura has been a software developer/architect since 2003. She has worked in various sectors

including security applications, gaming, web development, XML parsing, marketing and payment solutions. She has worked in large and small companies, as a developer, a consultant and as an Architect. She is currently the CTMO at Glitterbug – doing android development, design, marketing, funding and defining the product roadmap.

The main focus of Glitterbug is to make apps. We make standalone quiz apps. We make custom apps for corporate events, parties and family occasions.

We are developing a few awesome applications which we hope to release by the end of 2016.

So watch this space for more updates on our adventures.

You can download our existing apps from the google play store or by going to

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